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Small Business Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounting & Payroll
We’re laser focused on making your life easier by handling all the books, tax and accounting; all while helping you implement every tax reduction strategy possible so you can keep more of your profits.
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Why should you choose a CPA for your business?
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Leave your back office to us
Don’t let the accounting get in the way of enjoying your business.
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Each business has different needs - our team is ready to meet you where you are.
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Beneficial Ownership Information Report
FinCEN's BOI Reporting
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CFO Services
As a provider of CFO advisory services, our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive financial guidance tailored to the specific needs of your business.
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We'll take care of the books & work hard to lower your taxes.

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Aggressive, Pro-active Tax Planning

Business owners deserve to have someone helping them reduce their taxes, perform all the time consuming accounting, and help them do it right.

We’ll Take Care of All The Accounting

We’ll make your life easy, and you won’t have to waste staff time doing bookkeeping, paying in taxes, closing out the financials or getting the taxes ready; we’ll handle it all for a simple monthly price.

CPA Caliber Work & Guidance

We reluctantly acknowledge that our passion lies in the field of Accounting. We’ve taken our highly refined accounting skills and transformed it into a customer-focused service that business owners actually love – and it’s all done to the standards you’ve come to expect from a CPA.

Your Business will Thrive with our Outsourced Accounting Service

We’re not your typical accountant, rather than just do the year end taxes, we come alongside our business owners to serve as their outsourced accountants.

We want to help you lower your taxes, stay productive, and keep compliant.

Year-Round, Aggressive, Pro-Active Tax Planning

We’ll make sure you pay the least amount of taxes legally possible.

Taxes Paid in to Avoid Surprises

We keep track of your estimated tax liability and keep you posted throughout the tax year.

Year End Taxes are a Breeze

Tax returns are done to our incredibly high standard, but we’re also able to make it super easy because we handle all the bookkeeping & planning.

Bookkeeping Done to Perfection

We’ll help you end the year with no tax bill or return.

We help your business thrive

Your business deserves to have excellent, pro-active help to reduce taxes, make sure things are done to perfection, protect your business from the IRS, and save you time. We’ve built a fantastic solution for your small business, just reach out for a tax and accounting analysis to see what kind of opportunities there are.

See why our clients love us!

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What People Are Saying
"SQ CPA PLLC, especially Mr. Qureshi is an excellent, knowledgeable CPA. He is really a hard working man that will work closely with us especially for a newly formed LLC from self proprietary business." - Lucila Solatorio Maranan
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What People Are Saying
"Very satisfied with the level of work SQ has done for our small business. Originally had someone local but failed to provide professional service, or even communication. SQ contacted me and definitely earned our business. Perfect mixture of professionalism, on time with all the deadlines, very well communication of the status. So if you are in a situation where you need a great reliable service that has your back switch and get SQ hire. I will recommend to other businesses." - Manuel Ramirez
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What People Are Saying
"Sajjad and his team went above and beyond. Very professional, knowledgeable, effecient and patient. Thank you for taking care of our taxes. We look forward to working with you again and look forward to refer all of freinds and family." - Michael Rosslang
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What People Are Saying
"I did my due diligence before deciding to partner with SQ CPA PLLC as I wanted to partner with someone long term. I didn't want to feel like another client on a roster. I was struggling to find the time and energy to move my LLC from out of state to Texas. They completely took it off my plate by taking care of all the filing for me. Not to mention, I also ended up hiring them to help me with bookkeeping. Now I can focus on serving my clients knowing I have an accountant who is dedicated to ensuring my company's best interests come tax time. One of the things I have appreciated most is their ability to clearly communicate the process and "next steps." It has given me peace of mind despite being in a physical state of transition." - Mandy, Owner/Copper Penny Marketing LLC
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What People Are Saying
"SQ CPA PLLC provided excellent business tax return preparation service. It was the best value. They didn’t only save us money but also educated us along the process. I feel confident sharing my business financials with them not only that they are credible people but also, they have fully secured electronic file transfer system. Happy client" - Ali Husnain

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